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Entrance Scholarships for students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland (RUK)
Scholarship Name Entrance Scholarships for students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland (RUK)
Academic Year 2021
Nationality Any


The University of Aberdeen is committed to attracting the very best students, regardless of financial circumstances, which is why we offer scholarships to undergraduate students. These are designed to provide assistance to help students support themselves during their time at university, and also aim to reward academic excellence.


Our undergraduate Scholarships, for those classified as Rest of UK (RUK) Fees, are available based on two criteria: "Access" and "Merit". Scholarships based on "Access" exist to support those who may otherwise struggle to meet the cost of studies while "Merit" scholarships are designed for those who have shown considerable academic potential in their A Level results. Students meeting the criteria of both scholarships are entitled to receive both payments. The scholarships are not available to graduate students undertaking further study.

These scholarships are available in addition to applicable Government loans and grants - see below. The University will use the residual household income figure calculated by the Student Loans Company (SLC) when assessing your scholarship entitlement.

PLEASE NOTE: that all stated Access and Merit scholarship amounts are only applicable to undergraduate students commencing study at Aberdeen in academic year 2021/2022, paying the rest of UK fee rate of £9,250 per year. The Access scholarship is only paid if the fees due in the academic year are £9,250.


Access Scholarship

Residual Household Income for Access Scholarship (for 2021 entry only):

  • Less than £20,360 = £3,000 a year for each year of study.
  • Students undertaking a four year degree will receive a maximum of £12,000.
  • Students undertaking a five year degree will receive a maximum of £15,000.

Merit Scholarship A

Merit scholarship A, as detailed below, would be awarded to undergraduate Rest of UK (RUK) entrants (with the exception of Medicine). Conditions apply.

  • AAA at A Level – payment of £5,000 for academic year 2021/2022 only
  • AAB or ABB at A Level – payment of £3,000 for academic year 2021/2022 only

Merit Scholarship B

Those not eligible for Merit Scholarship A, could be eligible for Merit Scholarship B, as detailed below, awarded to undergraduate Rest of UK (RUK) entrants (with the exception of Medicine). Conditions apply.

  • Meet the terms of offer – payment of £1,000 for academic year 2021/2022 only.
    In the event that the original offer issued is unconditional, then the terms of the offer have been met.


Merit Scholarship A Criteria

  • Merit Scholarships A are linked to the achievement of three A Levels. Equivalents not accepted.
  • The three A Levels must be from one exam diet sitting.
  • The three A levels must be achieved within three years of commencing study at Aberdeen.
  • For 2021 entry the three A Levels achieved, from one exam diet sitting, with an award date of 2019, or 2020 or 2021
  • Level of entry to the University must be either Level 1 or Level 2.

Application Procedure

No application is required. Eligible RUK Fee students who meet the above criteria, and are paying the tuition fee rate of £9250, are automatically nominated for the above awards with no need to apply.

To be considered for an Access scholarship, you must, however, ensure that you submit an application for tuition fee funding to the Student Loans Company as it will be the information declared to the SLC that will determine whether or not you meet the Access criteria. The tuition fee to be paid to the University must equal £9250 and you and your sponsors (usually parents) must give permission to share your SLC file with the University.

Payments are made each year to all eligible students in early April. Payments are made by the SLC on behalf of the University of Aberdeen and are paid directly into the bank account declared to the SLC.

Deadline – Access and Merit

In order to ensure eligible students receive their funding each year in early April, files held on the SLC are checked and authorised, from February onwards. Scholarship payments close each academic year on the 30 June. No payments will be made after this date. For example, for academic year 2021/2022, Scholarship payments close on 30 June 2022.


No deadline specified

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