Online IELTS Practice Test for Students

IELTS Practice Test Online

Take an online IELTS Practice Test today!

Online IELTS Practice Test

You can now take an IELTS Practice Test online with SI-UK. An IELTS Practice Test enables our teaching staff to assess your current reading, writing, speaking and listening ability before study begins, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Because of the importance that the IELTS exam carries, it is advisable that you are as prepared as possible before beginning a course of study. Completing an IELTS Practice Test allows our experienced teachers to address where you need to improve and how.

How does an Online IELTS Practice Test work?

  • Meet with an SI-UK Language School teacher via Skype
  • Tested on reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Lasts 90 minutes
  • Results within 48 hours

Take an IELTS Practice Test online today

The cost of an Online Practice Test is £50. If you are interested in taking an IELTS Practice Test online, please complete the form below or add the item to your cart.

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The IELTS class is a very effective way of preparing yourself for the IELTS test. I learned to use my English in new ways.
Louise Karlsson

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