IELTS one-day workshop for international students

IELTS One-Day Workshop

Our workshops will improve your chances of hitting a high
IELTS score in the week preceding your IELTS exam.

One-day IELTS Workshop

IELTS one-day workshops are for international students preparing to take the IELTS exam for the first time. The day is divided into two three-hour IELTS preparation classes that cover all the main skills and focus on exam techniques and an introduction to the IELTS test structure and design.

Workshops usually take place the week before an IELTS exam and students will practice and prepare for the reading, listening, speaking and writing sections and receive advice and strategy from experienced IELTS instructors. The aim of a one-day IELTS workshop is to give the student last minute preparation advice and tips, maximising their chance of a better IELTS score.

IELTS one-day workshop structure

  • Hour 1: Reading
  • Hour 2: Listening
  • Hour 3: Speaking
  • Hour 4: Writing Task 1
  • Hour 5: Writing Task 2

Once the workshop has finished, students will feel more confident about what to expect and which strategies to use having practiced each part of the exam.

Sign up for a one-day IELTS workshop

The cost of a one-day workshop is £99. If you would like to sign up, get in touch with SI-UK's Language Centre today.

Contact SI-UK and begin your path towards hitting your target IELTS score!

The IELTS class is a very effective way of preparing yourself for the IELTS test. I learned to use my English in new ways.
Louise Karlsson

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